Professional Window Cleaning

Window, Gutter and Solar Panel Cleaning in Santa Cruz County


Professional Gutter Cleaning

Window, Gutter and Solar Panel Cleaning in Santa Cruz County


Professional Solar Panel Cleaning

Window, Gutter and Solar Panel Cleaning in Santa Cruz County

Welcome to JC Window Cleaning & Gutter Clearing

Providing the best window, gutter & solar panel cleaning service since 2007.

Justin Christensen - JC Window CleaningHello, I’m Justin Christensen. I started JC Window Cleaning in the summer of 2007 here in Santa Cruz County. Our business model is to provide the best cleaning service along with excellent communication, a friendly disposition and a competitive price. This model has created a thriving business which we owe all our success to our amazing clients.

I look forward to earning your business, time and time again! Call 831-234-9265 now for a free estimate on our window, gutter and solar panel cleaning services.

JC Windows Services Offered

window cleaning iconWindow Cleaning

JC Window Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning is the most sought after window cleaning contractor in Santa Cruz, CA for a reason. Specializing in residential window cleaning, our technicians have the ability to customize services to meet your specific needs as a client. We understand that each and every customer is unique—this is part of what makes our job fresh and exciting each day. We are able to provide window cleaning that matches your personal criteria, as opposed to imposing our own style.

Every window cleaning project from JC Window Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning begins with an in-depth discussion between the technicians and the customer. We genuinely want to know what you have in mind for window cleaning so that we may provide exactly that. Our technicians have the communication skills needed to discuss any and all aspects of the service with you, and we also have the technical skills and experience required to make your vision for window cleaning a reality.

JC Window Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning make window cleaning seem effortless, but that is only because our technicians have spent years in the industry honing their craft. Our window cleaning service includes removing and cleaning the screen, cleaning the window thoroughly from inside and out, and replacing the screen. We will custom tailor the job to the size of your home-no job is too big or too small. For post-construction jobs, we will remove stickers and any paint, debris or dust left behind on the glass. JC Window Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning only hires window cleaning technicians who have displayed an innate knack for customer service and passion for the craft.

Subsequently, we have assembled an all-star team of sorts in the realm of window cleaning. Now, it is your turn to benefit from the expertise of our all-stars! For window cleaning that is customized and tailored to your unique requirements, call the contractor willing to adjust their methods to suit you. Contact JC Window Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning immediately!

gutter clearing iconGutter Clearing & Cleaning

No one wants to deal with gutter cleaning, but it is a necessary evil that will only become harder to deal with the longer you wait. Furthermore, many potential clients in Santa Cruz, CA opt not to contact gutter cleaning services for fear of paying too hefty a fee.

What a false assumption this is—JC Window Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning offers incredible gutter cleaning service for an affordable rate! Moreover, our technicians provide thorough and complete work that will last for a long, long time.

When you hire a less experienced or less reputable gutter cleaning contractor, you risk faulty or incomplete service, which inevitably results in further expenses on your end. When you hire JC Window Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning, however, you are guaranteeing yourself complete gutter cleaning that will make your gutter look and operate as if it is brand new. Additionally, our technicians are extremely personable and are willing and able to discuss all aspects of the gutter cleaning process with customers.

JC Window Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning is also known for extremely swift service. This makes a difference, especially if you lead a busy life and do not have time to house a lingering contractor. It is not that our technicians rush through service carelessly, it is just that we have developed an extremely efficient method of working after years of experience in the industry. We work faster than the competition, which means that you get on with your life sooner with a squeaky clean gutter.

There are numerous gutter cleaning contractors to choose from in Santa Cruz, CA, but only JC Window Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning works swifter than the wind and still provides quality work. Get in touch with us right now for more information!

solar panel cleaningSolar Panel Washing

In addition to our reputation in Santa Cruz, CA for fantastic services in window cleaning and gutter cleaning, JC Window Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning has also garnered praise for our Solar Panel Cleaning capabilities. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in Solar Panel Cleaning; we stay up to speed on all of the latest trends and most modern happenings in the Solar Panel Cleaning world and yet are grounded in tradition, as well. We combine the future of Solar Panel Cleaning with what has always worked.

For this reason, JC Window Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning has naturally become the most capable Solar Panel Cleaning contractor for the present day. We work with the best equipment available today and our method of finishing Solar Panel Cleaning projects could not be more efficient. Our professionalism and accommodation will astound you. When we have finished Solar Panel Cleaning at your home, it will look better and newer than on the day you first moved in, guaranteed.

Despite our ability to work swiftly, JC Window Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning still adheres to a strict attention to detail with regards to Solar Panel Cleaning. Our technicians have successfully completed thousands of Solar Panel Cleaning projects in the past, and yet each new project to them is a make or break opportunity to prove the greatness of JC Window Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning. We approach each new challenge with a fresh perspective and new found enthusiasm, and this passion shows through in the end result.

You do not want to hire Solar Panel Cleaning technicians that merely punch the clock and go through the motions; you want to hire passionate and energized technicians like the ones at JC Window Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning! Get in touch with us today!

jc window cleaning and gutter clearing

Client Testimonials & Gallery

Justin and his crew did an excellent job on the many, many very dirty windows on our house. We can clean the inside, but the outside is just too much. Justin was running late today, but kept us informed as to his schedule and showed up at the revised time. They worked fast and the windows look great. The price was right in line with quotes we received from others. Could not be happier!

Mary Jo R.

Had my windows cleaned today and I was shocked at the difference it made! A great crew, accommodating and pleasant--in less than an hour my home was completely transformed! Highly recommend and will definitely use JC Windows again.

Todd B.

I was referred to JC Window Cleaning by Joe at Joe's Windows and I got a call back with 15 minutes of calling and set up an appointment for the next day. Justin and his crew did an excellent job and were very responsive to our requests, I highly recommend them.

D B.

JC came out during a gutter emergency during a storm...showed up on time and did a great job. Thanks Justin! You're great.

Another stellar job done by Justin and his crew! Thanks for cleaning out my gutters on such a short notice! You guys rock!

Julie K.

El Nino is coming! El Nino is coming!
JC Window Cleaning & Gutter Cleaning just cleaned my gutters today and they did a marvelous job. They removed 6 huge bags of debris from my roof and various other places. Six HUGE bags! On time, professional and fairly priced: I love these guys! I can sleep now knowing that my gutters are clean and El Nino or no El Nino this year I am prepared!
Thank you Justin and gentlemen-THANK YOU!


I have never been able to see out my windows and now everything is just so much more brighter! (I should have hired you a long time ago) My life is brighter because of Justin!

I am so impressed with JC Window Cleaning that I have hired him for the gutter cleaning.
Justin: I am going to tell my neighbors about your awesomeness!

Thank you once again!

Lauren S.

I highly recommend Justin from JC Window Cleaning & Gutter Cleaning. Justin really helped me out when I needed it, and he did an awesome job. I was going to take photos of a house, and hired another window cleaning company to come by to clean the windows. The other company did a terrible job, and left mildew & paint on some of the deck windows. I called Justin, and explained my situation and that I was in a time crunch, and he fit me into his schedule immediately, and did an amazing job cleaning. The deck windows looked brand new, and the house windows were sparking. Not only was Justin responsible & hardworking, but he had a real heart to help me in a crucial situation. I can't thank him enough and recommend you contact him when you need to be sure the job gets done right.

Peter W.

Based on the reviews on yelp, i hired Justin to clean the huge variety of windows on my little house in the woods.

Upon making the appointment, he was accommodating and we even rescheduled easily for threat of wind and rain. Justin arrived on time, got right to work wasting no time! He was thorough, professional, and most of all ... He left me with windows i could never do as well myself!

Totally happy here,

Patricia D.

Justin climbs like the Amazing Spiderman to reach the skylights. He is professional and easy to deal with. He returns calls promptly, charges fairly, and stands behind his work. He did an excellent job washing our windows, even our hard-to-reach solarium. He has cleaned our windows the last three times. I recommend JC Window Cleaning for a first-rate job.

Clare C.

We've never had our windows professionally cleaned before, and cannot believe what a difference it makes! The whole house looks cleaner and brighter, and the cost was surprisingly affordable.

We have an older house with lots of windows and French doors with small panes of glass. Justin arrived on time and began working immediately. He meticulously cleaned each and every pane, but worked very quickly, finishing the whole house in less than 2 hours. He was friendly, polite, neat, and quiet. Worth every star.

Scott J.

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